Food – Sizzler @ Toa Payoh

It’s weird, when it’s almost the same food but yet, it tasted slightly different. Maybe it’s the ambience?

I just finished my dinner at the Sizzler @ Toa Payoh. Had salad buffet again since we’ve got the voucher. But this time round, somewhat, it feels a lot more different compared to the experience that I had at the Sizzler @ Suntec. I’m not too sure why but the first thought was probably because it’s more crowded here, and therefore it makes the food nicer.

To compare with the branch at Suntec, seriously, there’s actually lesser varieties of food at the salad bar. At least one-third lesser. But the crowd is at least triple of it. And surprisingly crowded for a Tuesday dinner!

Still, dropped the caesar salad. I’m not sure what’s with it, but it sure doesn’t taste nice. There’s tom yum soup though, which I’m quite surprise to see it here because there’s only 2 types at Suntec. Then there’s also the cajun potatoes which I don’t remember seeing it at Suntec either

If you have no idea where is it, well… try searching for KFC at Toa Payoh central. It’s located just above it.

Oh yes! I saw 2 of my secondary school teachers there! What a coincidence ^^

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