Movie – Apollo 18

I don’t know if it’s real but it sure feels real. And to a certain extent, I believe it’s real, or at least some part of it.

Apollo 18. Supposedly a space shuttle that was scheduled to make a trip to the moon, was somewhat officially announced to the public that it was cancelled, due to budget constraints. But in actual fact, it was not… that was how the story of the movie started. A movie that was cut and edited from the footage that was retrieved subsequently.

And then it goes to show the 3 astronauts who were sent for this mission – Nathan, John and Benjamin. They filmed down how they felt before they went for the mission, their families and lives. Then the day came where the 3 of them left for the moon. John was circling around in the orbit, while the other two, Nathan and Benjamin, landed on the moon. It was supposed to be a really short mission where they collect specimens and filmed down videos. Transmitted some signals and that’s about it. But weird things began to happen on the second day and the scariest thing is, they found a dried corpse of a Russian astronaut. From then on, more weird things happened…

Eventually… they couldn’t leave the moon…

Well, it’s filmed in such a way where it’s really “edited” from videos that are recorded. So it’s a bit here and there, and people talking into the videocam. The pace is slow and rather boring to some extent. It’s quite expected, for the story line. For a person that’s scared easily (that will be me), this movie is not really that scary at all. There’s not much ups nor downs. Basically quite a flat line. It’s like watching a documentary.

But interestingly, it intrigues my interest in wanting to find the truth. Did US actually send Apollo 18 and probably more? Because officially Apollo 17 is the last space shuttle that Earth ever sent to the moon. And what’s the reason that man never stepped onto the moon again?

I wonder…

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