Thoughts – Why Make Things So Complicated?

Why does human likes to make things complicated?

Do you know why? I have no idea…

I googled a lot today. On Apollo 18, and the trips made to the moon. And somehow, there’s a lot of information on the different conspiracy theories. And I really mean A LOT. Of which, there’s a particular website that’s really interesting. it’s about an interview with a rather old man who is said to be part of the team of Apollo 20. Weird isn’t it? Since Apollo 17 is supposed to be the last space shuttle that went onto the moon.

I┬áread, and read on. There’s information saying that it’s fake, and there’s also others that mentioned that it’s real. Whatever the reasons were, one point that was told by the old man, made me believe more on what he said – they kept it under wraps because of economic issues.

I’m not surprise. For a person who’d only heard a lot of things this year, e.g. That losing a war means the losing country had to pay the winning country a big lump sum of money. That there are countries who refused to use hydro-powered cars because of political issues. And many others… keeping this from the people living on Earth, wouldn’t be a surprise.

I wouldn’t be surprise too, if the 9-11 incident was a conspiracy.

Humans, sadly, have probably evolved to an extent where one only care for themselves, and themselves only. At most, it’s only for those people close to them. Take a look at those political people. Are they doing it for the people? Take a look at some countries. I’m so disappointed and disgusted that they are not just harming other people, but their own country people too, by using fake materials.

I’m not saying that I’m a saint. But at least I won’t do harm to people. And as much as possible, I tried to help, in one way or another, on my part.

2012, December 12. The Mayan Prophecy. Do you believe in it? I do. A time for awakening. Yes. Humans need to wake up soon. Even if there’s really aliens on Earth, and trying to take over us. We somewhat deserved it. Instead of making things simple, conspiracies are created to hide the truths (if there’s any). Truth from? I don’t know. There’s probably too many out there for people to dig, and for people to believe.

If you are the kind that just want to live simply. Good for you.

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