Blog #0146

A spot check at my unfinished house gave my nerves another round of tight pull. How I wished, for once, I don’t get surprises when I check on my still-under-renovation little cosy nest. That’s probably one of the reasons why I gave up being a Project Manager, as I know I get tensed up when things get caught up or went wrong. Though for most of the time, I get around and achieved what I wanted, it takes quite a while for me to get back to normal and relax. I’m not really a perfectionist but at times, when it comes to handling some of the things, especially when I’m responsible, I’ll make sure that everything goes well and smooth. But as you know, life won’t be smooth sailing no matter how much we wished for. That’s where arguments probably arises between parties to resolve issues. Yes, I think it’s the arguing part that I hate.

Today is Thursday. For one, I’m glad that my invitation cards are ready for collection. Yes, another thing strike off from my list. But that will also means I’ve got more things to do this weekend – preparing the invitations.

It’s okay, someone told me that it’s not about me nor the both of us right? It’s for the parents so… will just go ahead with everything. Anyway, only 70+ days left. Sounds like dooms day in a way… Oh my… what can I say? I’m not really those typical girls who is dying to get married. Wished the mentality of the society was somewhat different over here in Singapore but well, I guessed, it will still takes a while for that to happen.

For now, I can only go with the flow, and not against it.

For now, I can only pray that there’s no more surprises awaiting me.

For now, I need to sleep.

Goodnight World. RIP, Steve Jobs.

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