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If I tell you that the aliens are coming, or probably are already on Earth, would you believe me?

I got stuck in the rain under a flat just now. The lightnings and thunders are too scary, and thus, I dare not proceed. I wondered… does it seems like the lightnings and thunders are getting scarier recently? Have you noticed it, or was it just me? And it seems a lot more frequent recently. Not to mention the fact that the weather’s a little disrupted these recent years. Example, raining when it’s not supposed to (not the season).

There’s a lot of claims out there, such as, the thinning of the ozone, the ice cap melting and thus affecting the currents etc. But what happen if there’s a theory saying that’s it’s because of spaceship(s) coming into our atmosphere and thus causing such changes? Where’s the spaceship(s) then? *LOL*

It’s just a thought that came into my mind while I’m sitting there. If there were to be such a big object, probably in stealth mode to prevent humans from seeing it, and in our atmosphere, it should create¬†an impact to our weather, isn’t it? Since there will probably be some electromagnetic field etc.

And then I thought of the Mayan Prophecy. A prophecy that I read a few years ago. It stated somewhere that on the 20 Dec 2012, which is the end of a cycle, it will be a time of awakening for the humans. Is it a time for human to know that, they are not alone?

You may call me crazy, but in such a big Universe, are you sure we are the only living beings?

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