Food – Prata @ Seah Im Food Centre

The queue was damn long and there was, as usual, a jam just before the junction where you can turn into the Vivocity Carpark. He couldn’t cut in from the left, thus we decided to skip having dinner at Vivocity, and have it at Seah Im Food Centre instead.

Well, we thought it was quite a good decision, since we were both rather hungry and didn’t really want to get stuck in the traffic. But as we tried the food there… we were quite disappointed.

This food centre had been there for quite a long time, and from what I can remember (the last time that I ate around 6 years ago), there’s really nice food at that place. So today, I bought the roti prata which I’d had cravings since a few days ago. I got it from unit #01-42. It wasn’t that bad. Just really wasn’t fantastic, and that it wasn’t really that cheap nor worth the price. How should I say… it’s like the price of those in food courts, except now, its supposed to be at a hawker centre, with no air-condition.

Bought another plate of fried kway tiao from a stall, which seems rather good because there’s a long queue. But as my boyfriend put the small plate of fried kway tiao on the table, I was in a bit of shock. The plate of noodle is so small until it seems to be kid’s meal. Furthermore, it doesn’t taste as nice too.

And a fish soup that we ordered, only have 6 pathetic pieces of fish in it.

Conclusion? I guess this food centre had become a tourist spot. Maybe it’s due to the casino that’s across the sea, at Sentosa, and thus the increase in price.

To spend the same amount of money for the same kind of food as a foodcourt with no air-condition, I think it’ll be more or less the last time that I’ll have my meals there.

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