Thoughts – In Black & White

I woke up in the morning with a splitting headache. I knew the reasons why. I couldn’t sleep last night. There’s only one main thing in my head – I DID ask my ID to make the edge of my shoe cabinet curved, right? And I remembered those words he said too as I tried and recalled it for the WHOLE night. That’s the problem when things are not written in BLACK & WHITE, a.k.a. writing a contract or agreement.

I had no idea since when, did this “Black & White” thing came up in this Universe. Probably somewhere on Earth, on one fine day, somebody denied agreeing to some things, and thus it started to spread.

It’s scary, at times, when a supposedly spoken agreement is denied or rejected due to the fact that people either forget, or just by using the reason “it’s not written anywhere”, and thus it’s alright to violate it. Does the life of humans need to degrade till that extend? That people don’t trust each other anymore, and that EVERYTHING had to be written down and cannot be verbal?

With regards to this almost 2 months experience on the renovation, I gained nothing except knowing the fact that everything really had to be penned down. A call to my ID yesterday once again reaffirmed this belief. “Got meh?”, “Are you sure?”, “I don’t remember you saying this.”, “If you did say, I’ll definitely write it down somewhere.”

Sadly, but I guess that’s how this world works now.

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