Food – Kaya Toast @ Jln Bt Merah

I’m so excited! After being with my boyfriend since 2007, this is the FIRST time that we ever had this kind of breakfast! – my kind of breakfast *wink* – the traditional kaya toast, half boiled eggs and tea/coffee!

Anyway, we are currently¬†at the coffeeshop at Blk 146 Jln Bt Merah. This coffeeshop had just been renovated, and is a rather popular coffeeshop for the taxi drivers. At least, for those times that I’m there, there seems to be lots of cabs at the car park, especially in the afternoon.

As much as I like this type of breakfast, I’ll still give a fair statement of the food that I ate. Okay, so let’s see. The crowd wasn’t that much for a Saturday morning. I’m not too sure if it had always been like that, or was it due to the increase in price and total change over of almost all the stalls due to the renovation.

Then as for the price of the food that we ate today, well, too be honest, it wasn’t really cheap. Because for most of the times that I ate this, it always comes in a set, which cost around $2-$3 for a coffeeshop. But over here, it cost slightly more than $3. The eggs are definitely ok, but you’ll have to gauge the timing on your own, because when the auntie delivers it to you, she’ll only tell you to keep it for 8 minutes. But for me, because I like it a little bit more cooked, I’ll normally soak it in hot water a little longer. As for the toast, well, they are okay, not exactly as fragrant and nice as those that I’d tried before.

This place is relatively quite near to SGH. If you don’t really want to eat over there, and don’t mind walking for 15 minutes, you can try it here.

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