Food – Wedding Lunch @ Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

I just finished attending a wedding lunch at Crowne Plaza Changi Airport. Yesterday attended another wedding lunch, but it’s at a church. *Yawn*

Well, this was the first time that I came to Crowne Plaza, the hotel that’s beside Terminal 3. It was really beautiful, the setting and surroundings inside the building, and so was the hall where the wedding lunch was held. There’s no pillars and best of all, 3 screens where the videos are shown.

I’m not sure about the price for this lunch but as a guest, the food ain’t exactly that fantastic. How should I say… for some of the dishes, it’s not like the usual kind of dish where you’ll get to eat. “Unique” will probably be the word I’ll use to describe it. Though unique it may be, the taste just isn’t there. But I guess for most couples, if they chose a hotel as the wedding venue,┬áthe food ain’t the first priority.

Anyway, distance is definitely one problem since it’s all the way at Changi Airport. Luckily, there’s MRT going to the airport now, so that takes away part of the headache. Still, it’s a distance. Parking was already but if it’s your first time to the hotel, the directions can posed a headache. At least for me, I took 5 minutes to figure out where the hotel is since there weren’t a lot of signboards around.

It’s definitely a good experience there and I wouldn’t mind trying the food at one of the restaurant, at the entrance of the hotel (saw quite a number of people having their breakfast when I walked pass). And I heard that the hotel rooms are really nice too!

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