Thoughts – Miracles of Life

I’ve been reading quite a lot of books and websites on information of how a baby came about. Interesting. No, I don’t meant the love-making process, but the process of how cells came about, and then evolved into a baby at the end.

Coincidentally, a friend posted a link on a video that shows how an egg is being developed, after being fertilised by a chosen sperm. Though rather gross, but it’s really amazing.

Recently, especially these few months, I’ve got lots of friends giving birth, getting pregnant, one after another. It’s nice to know that they are having another baby, and lucky, all are well.

But it really is amazing. Imagine an egg, and one sperm, coming together. And then from there, it multiplies to become a ball of cells. All these transformations in just 9 months.

It’s not easy for some couples to conceive. But yet, there’s so many abortions out there. It’s not easy to grow up and live. But yet, there’s so many who just decided to end their life due to some problems.

Treasure any lives well.

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