Blog #0150

Just had a nice lunch at the canteen in my building. Hmm… Good time to sit down, take a break off everything, and re-look at whatever’s that is still outstanding, and get rid of any frustrations that I had.

Let’s see… where should I start…

64 more days to my BIG day. Finally it’s my turn. Nervous? Not really. Wasn’t thinking much about it except on those things that I need to prepare, which basically includes buying of the new heels and shoes, preparing the ang bao box and invitations, planning the itinerary and gatecrashing games (my favourite), montage and video clips, trial make-up and final fittings, finalisation of the dinner, and probably many more. BUT! I’m casting all of these at the back of my head for now because this month, I’m focusing on my house.

Yes, the nicely designed “WHITE” house, which at this point in time, though without any furniture at all yet, I’m completely satisfied with the design and colours that we (mostly I, and he don’t have much choice but to agree) chose, excluding those nits and grits where we have yet to talk to our ID. The completely white cabinets and wardrobes, with curves and metallic strips. The glass wall that allows the light to shine in, and making everything look more spacious. And of course, not to mention my red sofa bed, and the extremely comfortable Serta bed that’s arriving at the end of the month! Better buy a lock soon to ensure the safety of all my new “babies”.

Oh yes, babies. Baby-Making-Process (BMP) on the way! *LOL* I’m just half-joking. Why is it half? Well, because I’m not supposed to be trying this out when I haven’t sign that piece of paper yet. But as you all know, I don’t usually have the thinking of a norm, and so… *whistle* All I can say is, it can be quite stressful when you are expecting an outcome, compared to when there’s none, and TADA!

Hmm… okay, never mind. Joey said I’m not supposed to think. Otherwise it will affect all parts of my life. And I need to learn how to control my thinking. Damn. I’ve got tons of books left unread and a few projects and courses undone. Will I get to finish it by this year? For some, I think I have to. At least I’ll try hard. Never like the idea of leaving things undone when I’m supposed to, and when it’s my responsibilities.

Talking about responsibilities. Well, sometimes I have no idea what I’m working as. Really felt like a highly paid admin. As some friends had said, at least it’s highly paid. Luckily I’m not expecting much at this point of time in my life, for my work. Just having a job and settling down will probably do for now, before I try to go back to my path in life. But then looking at some of the people that’s working in my office, I wonder how did they survive till now, or should I say, “smoke” their way into wherever they are. Maybe they’ve got the qualifications and experience, but somehow, something must have caused them to react and behave the way they are now.

Cause and effect. Lastly, extraterrestial beings. It’s coming. Believe it or not. I’ll continue to seek for the truth. On my part.

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