Blog #0151

19 more minutes to knocking off! Yes, it’s a Friday again. How time flies. Today, as expected, the time was easy to pass, especially with the help of my Manager who just came back from a business trip, and thus had a meeting with her. And then another meeting with a Project Manager. Well, I get to know him a little bit more, and about India too. Yes yes, I know, I’m not racist okay! It’s just that at times, generally, they are a bit irritating.

Anyway, I just did something which I hadn’t been doing for quite a long time. Took a while to consider before I did that action. Didn’t regret it. Don’t feel as bad. Kept telling myself that I can only look forward, and to continue a process which I couldn’t previously. I hope this time round, nothing can stop me anymore.

Still sad? Who wouldn’t? But it’s okay… there’s other things to focus on.

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