Blog #0154

I’m so completely satisfied with my Saturday and Sunday. Although it’s not perfect, we did accomplished quite a bit!

– had my kind of breakfast early in the morning at another coffeeshop that cost us only $5+ for 2 sets
– installed half of the toilet accessories
– chose our curtains’ design
– managed to get another kitchen sink which was a reserved piece for other people but the staff saw that we need it urgently, so gave it to us first
– found and bought the shower rain without the mixer, and cost only $175/piece! Staff is so good that he allows us to change the head of shower rain, and shower head to those that we like without charging us additional money!
– bought all the other toilet accessories
– had a nice home-cooked instant dinner at my sister’s friend’s house just a walk away from my new one

– length of windows measured for curtains and it’s going to be ready in 2 weeks time!
– bought a lot of home accessories ranging from hangers, to photo frames, hand towels, stools, laundry bags, clips, toilet brush and place mat! All these only cost about $20+, thanks to the $120 vouchers that I exchanged with the points from UOB Ladies’ Card!
– noted down all the outstanding items that need my ID to fix

Not So Good Things
– kitchen sink broke and got to buy another new one (luckily the workers admitted it’s their fault)
– tap hole on solid top drilled wrongly and thus can’t install
– length of towel hangers is different
– service yard tap doesn’t fit
– kind of sprained my back due to the sleeping position

Comparatively, the good is MORE than the bad. Life’s good! C’est la vie.

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