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I couldn’t believe what I heard from my mum, as she came out of the room, telling me and my sister on what she just saw on the night news – a 2 year old toddler was ran over TWICE, by a van and a truck. At least 18 people walked pass her but yet nobody stopped to call for help until a rubbish collector came over and carried her up. This happened in China, Foshan. Is there still anything to say about these people?


I’m not talking about just the van and truck drivers. It’s inclusive of those people who walked pass TOO. How, had human degraded themselves to this point, where they don’t seem to care for anybody other than themselves? What had caused them to become like that?

The once beautiful world doesn’t seem to be beautiful anymore. It’s filled with corrupted and cruel people who, not only tortured animals, but somehow, humans, maybe to a lot, are only just a living thing. Is it the cause of “too many” that created a “cheap” feeling in people? After all, there’s a chinese saying that says “Things that are rare, are expensive”. So is that the reason why the life of a human can be easily “thrown” away?

There will be karma, in time to come. For all human race.

What is the point of having a prosperous country or city where everything is fake? – the smile, the food, the items, the heart. Wrong. There’s no heart.

I hope the toddler doesn’t survive. Unless she can survive and recover without being a handicap or suffer for the rest of her life. I’m not a Christian but I hope God will bless and take her with him.

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