Movie – Nim’s Island

Suddenly remembered a movie that was shown on TV last Saturday. I was watching it, and having a hard time trying to keep myself awake. I guess that explains it all.

This movie, starring Gerard Butler (Jack, a scientist), Jodie Foster (Alexandra, also known as Alex Rover, a novel writer) and Abigail Breslin (Nim), is about a girl, Nim,┬áliving on an isolated island with his father, Jack. Then one day, Jack needed to leave the island for 2 days, thus leaving Nim alone on the island. At the same time, Alex was trying to write a novel but she didn’t have any inspiration. Then she somehow found Jack’s email and wrote to him, to see if he can provide her any information.

Since Jack wasn’t around, Nim saw the email and couldn’t believe that it was from Alex, the author of an adventure book that Nim loves. So she replied on behalf of Jack. Then, a storm came and Jack was stranded in the sea with a broken boat. And then a tourist cruise ship, which Nim thought was a pirate ship, seems to be coming. To prevent anyone from stepping onto this island, which wasn’t located on the map, she asked help from Alex and tried means and ways to scare the tourists off the island.

But when Alex finally came… Nim was totally in shock

A kid’s movie that’s definitely not meant for adults. I wonder if kids will like it too. For a large part of the movie, I’m half awake. It’s boring. And boring.

Don’t have to watch.

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