Thoughts – Cause & Effect

Just read an article regarding the 2 year old toddler that wasn’t saved by any of the passerbys in China. Apparently people are writing on the internet, saying that those passerbys are afraid of getting involved and then later being accused of injuring the child. Somehow, there’s a case a few years ago in China, where an old lady fell down the stairs and a man went to help her up. But in the end, he was accused and sued for injuring the lady, and thus helping her up. This case was later settled in an agreement where the man still had to pay for 10% of the amount that the judge ruled.

A lot of times, people do things without thinking. Or worst, they do things for the benefits of themselves, and harm the others. But sometimes, there could be a greater impact than what anyone would know.

For instance, if the judge had ruled otherwise (due to some reasons) and realised that the old lady is lying or there’s no corruption at all, probably this tragic accident (or probably many more unknown) wouldn’t have happened. And if (in Singapore’s context), the government doesn’t have such strict rules in buying a house (e.g. married couples), probably there’ll be more happy couples and babies. If man had loved the Earth and be a little bit more environmental friendly, the ozone layer probably won’t thin out so fast.

Obviously, when there’s a cause, there’s an effect. Even probably killing an ant would have an effect, but it’s just probably the effect is so small such that it’s negligible.

The effect may not always be a negative one, it can be a positive one as long as the cause is good. There are many things in life which one needs to decide. For any bad cause, there’ll most likely be a negative effect. And it’s not easy to make up for that negativity. So think wisely.

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