Blog #0157

“Job is tough”.

That’s what someone told me this morning. It’s been a while since I last saw him but I can put myself in his shoes. He must be feeling really tired. Exhausted probably. Mentally and physically drained. Somehow I can feel that he don’t have enough rest. But sadly, there’s nothing much I could do.

Yes, I guess job is tough. Life is, at times, tough too.

I’m clearing my emails now, and looking through it to ensure that I never missed anything out. But as I went through and did whatever that I need to, I found out and realised a lot of things. For one, apparently a lot of people do things blindly, without figuring out the reasons nor check if it’s correct.

And a lot don’t reply, probably for the reason that they don’t have any answers. Distance definitely makes a lot of different because you can’t directly “control” the resources.

Today, is quite a good day. I’d tried using and putting on the 9 steps this morning. Took me a while to finish all the steps. Had a nice fattening doughnut. And other than the fact that it’s been raining at off work times for the past days, which I presume today won’t be any different. Later, I’ll be checking out my renovation status. Hope everything is okay.

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