Blog #0164

It’s around 2.30pm. Outside, the whole sky is dark and it’s raining heavily. For days and probably weeks, it had been like that. But nonetheless, it doesn’t affect me that much. My mood is still relatively good and not dampen by the weather. After all, would I ever? Since I like rainy days, even though I need to work.

It’s only 2.30pm. 3 more hours to go but my eyes could hardly open. The sleeping bug must had infected me around 2 weeks ago for since around then, every afternoon had been rather unbearable for me, to try and keep my eyes open. Unforeseen pains and aches seem to appear at every part of me. Is this a sign of getting old?

A list of “To-Do’s” is now right in front of me but my mind seems blank. It had been blank for quite a while. And no, I don’t feel good in this portion of my life.

Life had been really busy but not fulfilling at all. It’s unbalance, to be precise. My personal life a.k.a. the things that I like to do for myself ONLY is almost in non-existence. Not even including the planning. Though at times, clips of ideas will appear in my head but that’s about it. *SAD*

Rest hadn’t been enough either. Weekends were totally burnt and even if it’s not. The energy left after a week of work wasn’t enough to drive me to bring anything out to do.

Overall, I could only say that… I’m dead beat. I felt like crying. I’m not stress. I just don’t have enough sleep. And that’s enough to drive me crazy.

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