Blog #0186

As I lied on my bed, I couldn’t help but felt good. Good because I finally said it out, after bottling up and trying to keep it from my mum for weeks. Her reactions? Well, surprise definitely. But at the same time, I guess, somewhat, she had already expected this outcome. And the next reactions […]

Blog #0185

I just finished puking out half of my breakfast, which consists of a cup of milo with cereal in it. Thanks to the phlegm that’s been causing the mild cough. I need to have a healthier diet. It’s less than 18 days and I can’t afford to be sick at this point. No matter what, […]

Blog #0184

Was being questioned again. What do you want me to say? Something is indeed amiss but I have no idea even if you were to continue and press me for an answer. So I would rather choose an easier and less torturous route for both you and I. I’m okay, you don’t have to worry. You’ll be alright […]

Blog #0183

I’m munching at my Hello Panda biscuit now… one of the pathetic few things that I’m still entitled to eat. Somehow, the appetite had gone hay-wired, with the extra gas and juice that came along with the gastric, and also because of the drawing date. How hay-wired was it? Well, let’s see… I’d dumped my fish […]

Blog #0182

Lazy Monday. Tired Monday. Bluey Monday. I’m so freaking tired. But then I’m pretty happy that I met an old friend yesterday. It’s been at least 4 years since I last saw her. But honestly, she looked quite haggard. I wondered if it’s due to the baby. According to her, she spent so much time […]

Blog #0181

Alright! ONE THING DOWN! I woke up really early today because today is my GUO DA LI, a Chinese tradition held a few days or weeks before the customary Chinese wedding. A day where the groom will bring some goodies for the bride’s family. For mine, my family made it really simple for my boyfriend, […]