Blog #0165

Fatique. Slight sore throat. Running nose. Beginning of a cough. Feverish.

At the moment where I thought it could someone not be true, it again, proved me (somewhat) right. I’d been following Joey Yap’s “predictions” for 2011, for my birthdate (of course). And for the past few months, it had proven me right again, and again, at least for those that are bloody obvious. This month, it warned me about my health. I hadn’t been sick for the past few months. But suddenly… the stupid air-con in my office went crazy and everyday is like winter to me. So, apparently, I caught a cold somewhere last or previous week. And here I am now.

It warned me about seeking medical care promptly too. Maybe I should. Maybe I should take a day off tomorrow, and rest at home. Maybe.

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