Blog #0171

Alright. When I said that I’m not really in that good a mood, I really am. And when I said I needed to ramble it out. I had to! I just need to get it OUT OF MY CHEST! Or head, or wherever it is, inside me.


It’s not out yet.

One more hour to go. Shouldn’t be that difficult to pass. Later, I’ll need to bring my notebook back home. Got to standby early on Sunday for some reboot. Hope nothing goes wrong. Damn. I think I just remembered something. Sh*t. Never mind… we’ll see about it.

Monday is a holiday. I hope there’s a holiday for me. Gosh.

I’m not in a healthy level. I knew that. I knew what I should do, and need to do, but I just don’t know how and where to start and go about doing it.

I need to watch a nice movie. It’s been quite a while since I last watched one, in a cinema.

Christmas is coming. My favourite holiday.

I haven’t even touched on the lamp nor canvas shoes yet.

Other than this website, which I’m trying HARD to keep it ALIVE. The rest are all down. OMG *CRY*

Even my thoughts are in RNOADM.

Wished I can have a “filter”-like mechanism in my head where it can help me easily sort out my thoughts through the grouping. *SULK*

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