Thoughts – Importance of a Restroom

Ever wonder why a “restroom” is called a restroom (other than the other names – Gents/Ladies or toilet)? It’s because it’s a place where you can REST! Or at least, if the toilet is not smelly and dirty. So I guess you will only see the sign “Restroom”, if it’s clean.

Anyway, why the sudden thought on the restroom? After all, it doesn’t seem like a really nice or interesting place to talk about. Well, what can I say. My stomach and bladder doesn’t seem to be really obedient for the past few days/weeks and I had been running to the toilet so often until I spent quite a bit of time in it. But luckily, it’s quite comfy at the toilet in my office, and so is the one back at home.

Come to think of it. There’s actually quite a few things that I achieved while I’m in the toilet. E.g. the most memorable one was when I solved a puzzle while sh*tting, when I was in Secondary 2. A quiet place with not much distractions, and suddenly *tink!*, the answer just came to the mind. I’m not sure if it’s just me, maybe if it happened to you too, you can let me know. At least, I know I’m not alone.

And then of course, there’s all the games, gossips, dramas etc. that you can catch up while sitting inside, trying to do some other businesses.

Overall, I would say, it’s quite a nice place (if and only if clean), to sit down and calm your mind down, stop yourself from being distracted (since not a lot of people will bother you if you are in a restroom) and concentrate on whatever that you need to concentrate. Thus, my conclusion is, a restroom is very important because it not only helps to “clear” your businesses away but it also allows a small (yet quite nice) environment for one to break away from the normal busy routine. So, it should always¬†be kept clean (and preferably dry).

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