Thoughts – At 4 weeks 6 days (Shh…)

I’m SO EXCITED! Finally there’s a place for me to say everything out! It’s so tough and suffocating when you have to keep everything under wraps. I really mean under layers and layers of WRAPS! Currently only those that are extremely close to me knew about it. But otherwise, that’s about it.

I’m PREGNANT! Oopsie…

I know I’m not suppose to tell anyone about it, at least, not within the first 3 months, which is a chinese myth. I, though have doubts about that, would rather believe in it than take any risk. After all, it’s so difficult for me to get pregnant!

Anyway, I just went to the gynae yesterday, referred to me by a friend’s friend. The gynae looks nice and friendly. An old uncle in his sixties, I guess. Saw the “baby”, which was at 4 weeks and 6 days! Thought I’m supposed to be at week 7 but anyway, doesn’t matter. I’m happy and am really happy ^^

I’m trying really hard now to take good care of myself. Though the symptoms ain’t exactly making me feel splendid, it probably doesn’t matter and definitely worth it to go through with all these.

For now, I guess I can’t do much things except to, like what the gynae said, continue with my life as usual except not to exert too much strength or exercise too much, and rest as much as possible.

Small little dot. Measured only at 15.48mm. So fun! Will it be Milk or Milo? Can’t wait…

Shh… not supposed to tell anyone…

So how do I felt these days? Short summary below:

Non-stop Eating Maching – I felt like a non-stop eating machine. Eating, and eating, and constantly eating. I’m quite sure I will start growing fat. Let’s hope the daddy will TOO! If I need to be fatter, so does he!

Nauseousness –┬áNauseous. That’s all that I wanted to say. When I’m hungry, I felt like puking. When I ate a little too much, I felt like puking. I just felt like puking. Some food totally seems tasteless to me. Cravings for soupy food for the fast few days. At least, it’s easier to digest and easier on my stomach.

Couldn’t really sleep last night because my stomach felt empty. So I took a cup of milo and quickly forced myself to sleep before I’m hungry again. Took a piece of cheese early in the morning before I travel, in the hope that I won’t feel nauseous on my way to work (though the distance is damn short). Sigh… Feel like just resting at home…

Now, I feel weird. The stomach is bloated but yet felt empty. Feels like puking but nothing to puke. Can’t drink any liquid too. Damn.

Nutritional Food – The nurse gave me quite a few samples of powdered milk before that and now I’m trying out on one. Weird taste. Smells nice though. But weird taste.

Hope I won’t have a diarrhoea after that. Hee hee… But am glad the warm milk (have to be, since need the powder to dissolve) sort of soothe the stomach a little, and so is the nauseousness.

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