Thoughts – Coincidence

Sometimes in life, a lot of things can be really coincidental. Example, meeting your spouse (be it good or bad – though hopefully it’s good). Is that what the humans term as “destiny”?

I woke up early this morning and suddenly I realised something. I’m going to a place today where someone else will be going too – a piece of¬†information which I received yesterday night, but with totally no linkage between these 2 events.

It definitely wasn’t planned. At least, not planned together. I planned on my part, and so did that person. But yet, for some reason, we will be going to the same place, for two different reasons.

Why? That’s my question.

Is it a joke made by the God, if God exists? Or is it a pure random event? But how many times can this happen, when there’s 365 days in a year?

No. There must be a reason for some of the things to happen the way it is. That’s what I think, again, be it for good or bad. Tools, calculations, and theories had been created decades ago to try and explain this or find a pattern on it.¬†But till date, none of it had proved to be extremely accurate. After all, if it really is the creation of God, will God let it be deciphered so easily?

I’m still wondering. Why… why does some of the things happened, the way it happened…

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