Blog #0175

Queasy – I need to stop eating all the spicy food that’s causing the indigestions and thus the constant burping (and farting *LOL*).

Sleepy – I need to sleep earlier and stop lazing around till late before I go and bathe and thus the wet hair that took years to dry. And stop sleeping with wet (or damp) hair too so that I don’t get headaches in the morning.

Feeling all queasy and sleepy now. A friend once asked me, will I know if I’m pregnant? My answer is “NO”. Why? Because it’s simple. All the symptoms of a pregnant lady, I have it so often, so much so that I don’t think I’ll suspect it.

Take a few examples.

Nauseous? I’ll probably take it as gastric and thus the gas and the queasiness. Sore breasts? I’ll just assume that my menses is coming. Missed period? Oh, mine is always (or at least half of the time) late. Tired? *LOL* this is extremely funny. When was I not tired? Pee frequently? Gosh… If you see the amount of water that I drank, I’ll be surprise if I don’t frequent the toilet, especially with that aircon in my office. Test kit? Oh yes, that’s about more or less the only thing that I can use to confirm. *LOL* Isn’t that great? =.=”’

What a life.

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