Thoughts – It All Ends Here

When there’s a beginning, there’s an ending. As for when it ends… it all depends…

The ending, doesn’t always denotes an unhappy one. For some, it could be a happy ending, and for others, it could be the start of another beginning.

Read the news on the movie Twilight – Breaking Dawn Part 1. How fast time passes. I was still reading the book and watching the first one years ago, and now it’s in the last part. And the actors/actresses are on their way to filming new movies.

Suddenly remembered my Godfather who passed away in 2005. That was like 6 years ago. Hope he’ll have a nice wonderful beginning. Wonder if he knew I’m getting married… Maybe I should pay him a visit one of these days.

Alright… shall not think of the sad things and concentrate eating my fruits. The hunger of my stomach, is the beginning of me eating. What a life.

Anyway, the following was written by someone, for someone:

“I woke up this morning and I knew it has to end. Regardless of what’s going to happen. I have a part of you with me, and that’s more than anything that you could have given me.”

*bored on a Friday afternoon*

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