Blog #0179

Feeling a need to voice out?

YES! And it’s the new admin lady again! Well, she’s alright other than that I just realised that at times, she’s not really that easy to work with. For one, I’m still trying to figure out if she’s REALLY that hardworking, not that I care but it’s just that on and off, she kept asking lots of questions (to me). And she’ll tell me that she felt like bringing the work back to do and blah blah blah… But then at times, she’ll just basically talk on the phone for quite a while. Hmm…

The part where┬áI find her difficult to work with? Maybe it’s the “admin” kind of character. You want everything to be there on the first day so that you can start doing your work. And now she’s saying that she also need an extra monitor… and I think the one I raised… she’s probably going to take it away -.-”’ *crapped*

Anyway, weekend’s coming. Another busy one. I’ve not been feeling that well since 2 days ago where my gastric started acting up again. Hope I can recover soon. Don’t really want to feel so sick. It’s painful, you know? With all the gastric juice flowing out… *sigh* Blamed it on the vinegar. Blamed it on myself.

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