Food – Jane’s Cake Station @ Jln Kayu

Well, I guess my department is really starting the monthly birthday celebration since last month. So today it’s for the November BABIES!

Apparently my boss ordered the cake from this place called Jane’s Cake Station. I didn’t know that this cake shop existed in Jalan Kayu (the place famous for roti prata) until just now, when my boss went to collect the cakes, and we just tagged along.

Where is it? It’s somewhere in the middle of that stretch of Jalan Kayu Road, hidden in between some mechanical and fruit shops. Address is at 265 Jalan Kayu, Singapore 799493.

My boss ordered 2 hot fudge chocolate cakes and it tasted really nice! It’s not really that sweet and the chocolate sponge cake is not too dry nor moist. Soft soft one! Maybe it’s time that I should try my new oven!

Anyway, it’s definitely delicious, and I heard from my boss that their durian cakes (though I don’t like) are quite nice too. I’m not too sure about the price though but I think there’s no harm dropping by there to buy a few pieces to try.


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