Food – Yu Xiang Ting Chinese Restaurant @ Yio Chu Kang

Sometimes I seriously wonder – how did all these people find such good restaurants in the middle of nowhere, or hidden in a corner of some estates? Or probably, it’s just my lack of adventurousness and initiatives to google it online that made me lose out in this sense.

I’m brought to a new place, again, today. Somewhere that’s actually not too far from where I stay (about 10 – 15 minutes drive) and I actually didn’t know that it existed! Goodness…

Anyway, I’m here at Yu Xiang Ting Chinese Restaurant with my bosses, a.k.a. my lunch kakis. There’s this German lady, one of our users, who came to Singapore and will be leaving tomorrow, thus, they brought her here to try out some of the Chinese food. And according to one of the boss, this place is rather famous for its Sze Chuan food.

It’s a really small restaurant, less than 20 tables available. We were there during the lunch time and surprisingly, it was quite crowded. Where is it? It’s located along Yio Chu Kang Road. No, it’s not along the main road, but somewhere in one of the small road along Yio Chu Kang Road. Exact address? 16 Jalan Selaseh.

Not really that convenient if you are trying to go by public transport. And even if you drive, it’s rather inconvenient as there weren’t a lot of parking lots. By the way, it’s located at some shop houses in the middle of the private houses. The place definitely don’t seem new. As for the decoration and cleanliness, well, it’s definitely not too bad. And the good thing is, it’s air-conditioned!

And lastly, the food? Splendid! Though I don’t really have much appetite due to my gastric but it sure is appetizing enough for me to eat quite a lot. One of my favourite is this hot & spicy soup. Normally I don’t really like because it’s way too sour. But for this, it tasted just nice. And of course there’s their.. either roast duck. Nice! And definitely the butter prawns too! What can I say… these are all not my usual favourites but somehow, they definitely left some impression in me.

Strongly recommended!

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