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I woke up really early today because today is my GUO DA LI, a Chinese tradition held a few days or weeks before the customary Chinese wedding. A day where the groom will bring some goodies for the bride’s family. For mine, my family made it really simple for my boyfriend, though his mum nagged a bit about how simplified it is. Doesn’t she know the people that are affected and needs to do all these won’t be them, but her son and daughter-in-law, and that’s me?

Well anyway, we only requested 12 oranges (they brought 20), 18 boxes of cakes, 2 bottles of red wine and candles (his mum insisted), and of course the ping jing! But of course, my mum just took a bit – S$280. After all, she’s not selling her daughter. *LOL*

Am definitely glad that this thing is over. But on the other hand, it means that I’ll need to seriously concentrate on my wedding already. Since it’s less than a month’ time. Ganbatte!

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