Thoughts – A Date to Note

Today is definitely a day to note because firstly, it’s my 3 months in this company! Which means my probation is over! And secondly, 5 years ago, it’s where I first met┬ámy boyfriend – the Ah Beng that walks into the salsa class, and my first thought was “Why would Ah Beng want to learn salsa too? Weird.” *LOL*

Well, that was my first impression of my boyfriend. Second impression? Damn irritating and proud guy who commented on my steps and asked me to correct it, when everyone is in the beginner’s class! *cough* What can I say… I didn’t know he took beginner’s class before, and was only in that class to accompany his friend. Third impression? Damn. He’s a good dancer but I don’t really like to dance with him for ONE good reason – he always look at the mirror, at himself, when he danced. This guy loves himself too much.

*Cough* And yes… he became my “kept man” shortly after.

So yes, today is definitely a nice day to remember.

And of course, with my probation over, it simply just means that I can start taking leave and claim my medical costs (though I hope not)!

Remember! It’s the 22.11! *One of the questions that I’ll be asking him. But I doubt he’ll know*

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