Thoughts – “Things” Like Crowd

I’m sleeping really early tonight. Am already lying on my bed with my eyes half closed, and the brain in the process of shutting down. Today, is an extremely busy day for me. I have no idea why, either. It just seems and feels like, “things” don’t like to be alone. They like crowds. What do I mean by “things”? Basically, it’s all the to-do’s.

I can’t exactly say that my job is very relaxing, but it sure gives me quite a lot of free time, or should I say (more accurately), time to do my things slowly with not so many┬ámistakes.

But today, as I sat in the room where I’m having my orientation for the whole day, the emails just kept bumping in. And the deadlines, though it’s supposed to be tomorrow, seems to have been brought forward to today. That’s at least… 5-6 items of “things to do” when I’m tied in the orientation. The only thought that I constantly have in my mind was – why didn’t these people look for me yesterday or tomorrow?

Have you ever felt that too? It’s like… when you are free, you are really free and time passes so extremely slow, you wished so much that someone asked you to do something. But at times, you are so busy such that you couldn’t even afford the time to go to the toilet, yet, people kept on flowing to your direction.

Is there some kind of magnetic fields for these too? I wonder…

Nonetheless, I felt good today too because I managed to clear almost all the things that I need to do, in such a tight timeline (in between breaks during the orientation). So now, I’m rewarding myself by sleeping early!

Goodnight to all! I love you all ~ and the world is beautiful, if you want it to be…

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