Blog #0187

Accomplished the list of things today:

  • Updated the wedding itinerary
  • Collated the list of background wedding songs
  • Created the seating arrangement for the dinner
  • Went for my trial make-up and finished all arrangements for actual day

Outstanding items (use this list to keep track):

  • Buy flowers and pass to BS with the soft toys
  • Trim hair
  • Go for facial
  • Go for manicure
  • Order roast pig
  • Buy spectacles for the brothers and sisters
  • Book the buffet
  • Groom need to buy shoes
  • Finish montage 1 and 2
  • Buy shoes for niece
  • Settle all finance related stuffs, e.g. ang bao, payments on actual day
  • Confirm the wedding itinerary
  • Confirm seating arrangement
  • Confirm the wedding songs
  • Check the list of items for sabo-ing of the groom and brothers
  • Pass the presents to the sisters
  • Decorations for the corridors
  • Script for the emcees
  • Send out all invitations
  • Decorate and pack the new house
  • Food for reception after solemnization

Why it doesn’t seem to end… O.O”’

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