Food – Katong Laksa @ Queensway Shopping Centre

It’s LUNCH TIME! Oh no, it’s definitely not. It’s actually TEA BREAK TIME!

Well, we were hanging around Anchorpoint Shopping Centre and suddenly remembered that there’s this McDonald’s promotion – one for one filet-o-fish. And so we decided to cross the road and pop over to Queensway Shopping Centre. But after we enter it… another food simply just caught our (or it seems more like just mine) attention! – The KATONG LAKSA!

Not a really big bowl, but definitely enough for me. Eaten with only a spoon since the bee hoon had been cut into short pieces. The sauce tasted just nice (not too salty nor plain, not extremely spicy too especially for those who can’t take too spicy-a-food) and the prawns were really fresh. Just by looking at it can make me drooooool!

Craving for some now? *LOL*

It’s located at Queensway Shopping Centre, just somewhere around the entrance, nearest to the cross junction, at level 1. Ah! Do take note, there’s actually another stall selling laksa too but I hadn’t got the chance to try it yet.

Oh yes, it cost S$3.50 for that small bowl. *cough* Not really exactly very cheap but I think it’s worth it (at times).

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