Shopping – Serta @ Plaza Singapura

The mattress that cost us a BOMB… Alright, it’s partly my “fault” for wanting that but nonetheless, I DID give in on a lot of other decisions!

Today, we need to “An Chuang”, a Chinese tradition (again) to so-called “Make the Bed”, so that the couple can prepare for the wedding. And from now till the wedding day itself, the couple is not supposed to sleep on this bed.

Oh yes… the bed was already delivered somewhere in October but till now, we haven’t got the chance to sleep on it, thanks to all these traditions. Yes, we could have ignore and don’t follow, but it’s quite difficult when the elders are still around. And so, we did a really extremely simple one, which is just to put the bedsheet on it.

So what’s so special about this mattress? Of course! It’s from Serta! *LOL*

I never knew about this brand nor know that it actually existed until one fine day, about 1 year plus ago where my colleagues brought me there because one of them wanted to buy their soft toy (a sheep with a number). That was when I first tried it – sat and lied on the bed. Nice…

Subsequently after that, of course, I did try it somewhere else too which made me fell in love with it even more. It’s so soft and comfortable but of course it wasn’t really cheap.

Thus, when the time comes for me and my boyfriend to search for a mattress, I didn’t really give him much choice. I brought him straight to Serta, told him that I wanted one of it, regardless the range. The first time we went in, we were entertained by a damn boring salesman who doesn’t seem to be interested in selling it to us. Of course, the sale wasn’t successful. We left shortly after.

A few days later, we went back to the same branch (located at Plaza Singapura) and was served by another guy (much more friendlier), named Richard. He was really nice. Threw in quite a bit of goodies and in the end, we bought our Sophistication King-sized mattress, and another slightly cheaper one for his mum.

And yes, I know I won’t regret it although till now, I haven’t got the chance to sleep on it. Just another week more…

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