Blog #0197

It’s been a nice day, a nice lunch, back at mum’s home. The weather seems good and what more, I’m chatting happily on the phone with a friend, and thus, never notice the delay. It was until when I hung up, then I realised that the bus had only moved by a few metres.

By now, the cars in front had either turned left (through the slip-road), or turned right, and the bus is the first on the “waiting list”, to cross the junction.

Yes, it’s the most stupid traffic junctions I’d ever seen because during such peak hours, there’s simply no way the bus could have gone straight ahead and cross the junction without blocking the traffic on the left!

Why is it stupid? Because (1) a traffic light shortly after the junction that already caused a jam; (2) there’s car going in from the left; (3) there’s car going into the same road from the right; (4) and lastly, the bus (and cars) that’s going straight ahead. And stupidly, whenever it’s GREEN light, indicating that the bus could move, all the space had been taken up by those cars from either the left or the right!

Guess what? I’m stuck in this traffic for 11 traffic lights, which is almost 30 minutes!

Where is the junction? It’s the cross junction of Yio Chu Kang Road and Hougang Avenue 9, going towards Serangoon North Avenue 5. *Pissed*

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