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As I read through the Dilbert’s comic strips on my iPhone, I got caught on one of them. Couldn’t resist and thus I captured that image down and posted it on my FB. So what’s so nice about that picture? Well, as much as the Dilbert’s comics can be really sarcastic at times, I guess for some of them, it really makes sense, like this one:


It’s true, isn’t it?

Ask yourself, do you love yourself, for the way you are, how you look like, so on and so forth? Or are you trying to become someone that you aren’t? Just so that you can please the others?

I’ve got a different group of extreme friends – one that love themselves for whatever things that they do regardless of how good or poor they are doing, they stick to it and they never (or at least I never heard before) complained about the life that they lead because it’s what they believe and what they chose. Of course, I’m not referring to anything related to politics or the environment whatsoever. Life is always beautiful to them.

Then I’ve got the other group of friends who, somehow, just felt that they are always not good enough, envying what others do, feeling that the life they are leading isn’t what they want etc. And naturally, they don’t really love life, and when you are near them, they always seem to feel more down than happy.

These people, are not to be blamed for who they are now. It could be just their character or that something happened in part of their life that made them feel that way. So, is there a way to start loving oneself? Well, I’m not too sure. Probably in a way, acceptance of the current situation if one way to go about doing it. But take note, acceptance doesn’t mean the “gave up” kind of feeling, it only meant understanding the situation. And if you don’t like your current situation, then do something about it! After all, awareness is the first step to making changes. And please, DON’T ever expect things to change when you ain’t willing to change or do something.

Getting confused? Let me elaborate a little clearer:

Don’t love yourself? -> Make changes to what YOU WANT TO BE -> Life will be better -> Happiness

Don’t love yourself but not willing to change -> Life remains the same -> No Happiness

Note: the keywords here are “NOT WHO OTHERS WANT YOU TO BE”. Be yourself and love it that way. If there’s something that you don’t like or you don’t feel happy, then I’m just going to ask – are you SURE you LOVE yourself?

Life is always full of ups and downs. But if you are willing and hadn’t give up hope, there’s always a rainbow waiting for you, someday…

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