Food – Prawn Mee @ Tiong Bahru Market

Yeah! It’s prawn mee again! This time round, I’m at the Tiong Bahru Market and this stall is recommended by my hub-to-be. Some of you might have known about this stall as it was once shown on TV, under the ChannelĀ U programme on rescuing stalls that ain’t doing well. But now, not to worry because it’s always having a damn long queue during the peak hours! Thanks to the programme, of course, and definitely to the stall owner who kept it going.

It’s the first time that I tried it and for the first glance, it sure look quite a lot for a $3.00 bowl of prawn kway tiao soup, with 2 prawns, some fishcakes, 3 meatballs and some vegetables. Tried on the soup itself and the taste is definitely there too. With some red chopped chilli added, it’s even better! Furthermore, the prawns are fresh!

After 30 minutes of tugging in it, for my appetite (which isn’t that big), I can’t finish it. Not that it’s not nice but it’s just too much. Of course it’s good for those big eaters.

Verdict from me: It’s good and worth the try. Definitely worth the money. Though it’s not near to MRT stations but it’s the Tiong Bahru Market where you get to savour on a lot of delicious food and this is definitely one of them!

Verdict from hub-to-be: Taste nice. Good. Super customer-oriented, friendly and humble stall owner. Must try!

Which stall? Hmm… I never really take note of the stall name, but it’s situated at the last stall on one of the side, where beside it, there’s a stall selling Wanton Mee. Look out for those pictures on the Chinese Programme or otherwise, the queue, I’m quite sure you won’t miss it!

Now, it’s time for us to start running the errands – hmmm… but is there anything left to do? Maybe we’ll go back home and take a nap instead? *OOPS* Nah… that’s hardly possible. Still need to collect the gown, go for a simple routine check up, before putting whatever things in the respective places. So here we go…

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