Thoughts – Actual Wedding Day

To pen the whole thoughts + feelings process down. I’m just going to do a not-so-LIVE notes on my thoughts and feelings on the actual day of my wedding. Yes, I’m getting married and thank you for congratulating me (if you ever did) ^^

5.37am – What’s so excited about getting married? None. Am I abnormal? I just woke up. Excited? No. Sleepy? Extremely. What’s on your mind? I should really have just opt for ROM and honeymoon only. *Eyes half closed while trying to shit*

5.42am – Posted a picture on FB that says – “WHY MUST I SUFFER YOUR IDEAS? WHY, WHY, WHY?!” with a tagline that says “To whoever that started this thing called ‘Chinese Wedding’ – from a lack of sleep gal”.

5.43am – Too early. Shit doesn’t come out.

6.08am – The MUA (make-up artist) had reached and started drawing my face. She’s really on time. Dozed off everytime she asked me to close my eyes.

6.30am – The photographer is here too and clicking away… so on time too… Why do they seem so awake?

7.17am – I’m done! And the sisters are here! Time to join in the preparation for the sabotage! *LOL*

7.35am – Heard that the groom is still doing the hair. OMG… Think he seems more like the bride. I’m already KLKK-ing. Anyway… I think his hair will be messed up later.

7.46am – I’ve got a feeling… the shit is coming…

8.19am – The groom is late. He just called. He just reached the CTE tunnel -.-”’ He’s supposed to reach here at 8am!

9.02am – It’s definitely fantastic to have a friend who is SO I.T. trained and helped you in setting up the Skype webcam so that you can view the sabotage LIVE-IN-ACTION! I laughed until I got a headache now and it’s just half way through… *LOL* 

9.24am – My beautiful hub-to-be (haven’t sign yet) finally went through and came in, with a big flower on his head, and that big pair of green earrings. But it sure was entertaining, and he sure was extremely thick-skinned.

9.33am – So funny! My mum like kena forced to kiss! I like the photographer! Time to go. Timekeeper said we are late.

10.28am – Okay… here goes the tea ceremony…

11.12am – Extremely hungry but totally no appetite after looking at the food. We are running late, yes, according to the schedule, thanks to the groom but what to do? Let’s just proceed on and see how but the brothers and sisters had to eat. I wouldn’t want them to faint half way.

11.48am – There’s no sun (Thank God) but there’s no wind either. Time doesn’t allow us to take photo at some other parks. So we had to make do with taking the photos at the playground under our new house. Well, what to do, we just have to make do with it. And screw the schedule! We are an hour late! Furthermore, the brothers are getting quite irritated with the photographer.

12.28pm – Changing time!

1.10pm – Too late. How to reach the restaurant at 2.30pm when we just reach my mum’s house?

1.27pm – TOTALLY disorganized. WHERE ARE YOU PEOPLE?!! Come and queue up and drink tea please! We are running really late!

1.43pm – Okay. Just a quick bath and snack, and off we go.

2.45pm – Luckily managed to reach the restaurant on time. Half-time…

3.04pm – Tired like crazy. Just finished washing off the make-up using pure soap. OMG.

4.02pm – The groom is finally here at the restaurant.

4.49pm – The JP is here! Damn… Luckily I finished my make-up and hairdo.

4.52pm – Where… is… my… dad…?

4.55pm – Solemnization begins… *GULP*

5.05pm – Damn it. Does the JP needs to repeat it so many times? That a marriage is solemn and blah blah blah. Suddenly, I can feel my tears flowing out. No, it’s not tears of joy but tears of fear. I’m never a fan of marriage and I DO have some fear of it. And now, the JP is making it worse by looking at us (or rather, me) deeply in the eyes and repeating it again and again, as if to imprint that idea in my head. Oh gosh. I think it’s the WORST moment today, or in my life. JP, can you please stop??

5.26pm – I’m glad that moment is over… and now… WE ARE MARRIED! Oh.

5.36pm – Okay. Choosing the photos for the slideshow tonight. Hmm… where’s the groom? -.-”’

6.31pm – Why is the groom resting and eating in the changing room while the bride is outside making sure that everything goes well… -.-”’

6.54pm – Guests coming in. Time to smile and shake hands, and meet old friends!

7.20pm – Shall go in and chit chat with friends, in air-con area.

7.50pm – Time to go out and entertain again! Smile, smile, smile 😀 But honestly… I’m freaking tired and hungry… at this point.

8.01pm – Huh! ONLY 1 BUS! Thought it’s supposed to be 2?! WTF! Stupid management. Urgh…

8.09pm – Please all go and sit down… we are starting soon, and I need to eat real soon… Mother, you too. Don’t have to wait for the late guests…

8.15pm – And so it begins…

9.05pm – Changing time. Re-do hairstyle. Food came too fast but I don’t have much energy to care anymore. Don’t ask me to decide.

9.38pm – Thanks to the brothers and sisters, that’s one of the nicest and longest YUM SENG I’d ever heard for quite a while. Thanks for brightening up the whole night.

10.12pm – And the photoshoots end here…

10.27pm – Am I too hungry? Or tired? I felt so giddy… I have no idea who’s hand I’m shaking.

10.33pm – Last photo from the photographer. Yes, you can pack up and pass me all the raw photos. ^^ Otherwise the aunties will nag me like crazy for all these photos.

11.15pm – Finally. Everything is over. Time to change and pack our things in the changing room. Bloody tired but will still need to settle the bills… and the BUS!

12.10am – It definitely is irritating when communication wasn’t clear. One bus came to pick up the guests only and the actual day management said it’s in the contract. Well, we didn’t re-read the contract because we trusted you and now LOOK, WHAT HAPPENED? Get back to us? Okay, let’s see WHEN you will get back to us. But since you gave us some discount, we will wait. Sigh… poor management. So what if your food is not too bad? Sigh… Lousy changing room. Now I felt like the ants are everywhere on my body and bag. Why can’t you keep your room clean? And anyway, it’s just a small corner. Whatever. I’m too tired to argue anymore.

12.29am – And you are still awake, playing games with me -.-”’ Go sleep.

1.15am – Damn it. No keys. Urgh.

1.53am – “Wake up, eat and bathe.”. *shake head*

… … …

6.27am – It feels like the sofa bed. Is my make-up still on my face? Shit.

6.35am – I’m finally slightly awake and recovered my energy. Time to charge my handphone (left 4%) and washed off my make-up, hair and just bathe. Where’s the groom? Damn it… sleeping so comfortably, alone, on the bed =.=”’

7.50am – Here comes the harder part… my HARDENED hair…

8.36am – Great. Finally finished bathing after 2 wash, 3 conditions, loss of hairs, and crumpled fingers.

9.30am – Time to really sleep… on my SERTA bed… Goodnight to all…

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