Food – Porridge Buffet @ Quality Hotel

It was raining extremely heavily and we had just returned the gowns and coat to the Bridal Studio. Had aborted the idea of going to Mother’s place as it was raining too heavily but nonetheless, that didn’t stop us from eating something good, or at least, the hub wanted us to have something slightly better instead of eating at the coffeeshop. And so we did, and here we are.

Hmm… “hub”. Kind of weird to call him that but it sounds rather nice at times too, better than “hubby”. Oh yes, I’ve got friends calling me Mrs Pan already. Damn. Sounded so old.

Anyway, here we are, at the Quality Hotel. The restaurant located at the lobby, just beside the pub. We’ve been here quite often, at least used to, for their supper. But since not sure when, we stopped coming over. And now, it sure is nice to try their festive menu, and see what’s new on the menu.

First thing that came to our mind – there sure was a difference – the PRICE.¬†Seems to have increased but probably it’s due to the festive period, a.k.a. Christmas that’s coming next week. But other than that, the menu seems a lot more fantastic than before! There’s the prawns that are still there but to be honest, their prawns are damn FRESH! I’m not a fan of prawns and I’m quite allergic to it, and moreover, my cholesterol level isn’t that low. But for this, I ate at least 3 of them. They were so fresh, so much so the meat can be “pulled” off from the shell! Of course, I’m not the one doing it, I’ve got a nice prawn-peeler ^^

And then we’ve also got their usual chicken curry and the delicious laksa. These are all the normal food that you’ll see. The festive kind? Well, let’s see… there’s the Christmas bread pudding, turkey and ham (which the hub said it wasn’t really that nice), some mussels and can’t remember the rest. But at a glance, the spread was good!

No idea where is Quality Hotel? Well, just beside the CTE, along Balestier Road. Not the end that’s near to Thomson Medical, if you know where it is. It’s not exactly that convenient or at least, I’m not that familiar with the buses around there. There weren’t any MRT stations either. Parking at the hotel’s carpark was quite alright. Price of the dinner? Hmm… About $20++ per pax.

It’s relatively crowded especially on weekends and sometimes, beware, it’s packed with tourists whom I believed to be staying at the Quality Hotel.

Otherwise, I like the food there. There’s no ambience though. If you are a porridge person, should try it.

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