Food – Prawn Mee @ Nex Food Republic

It’s prawn mee again but it’s definitely not a good one. Urgh…

I’m here at Nex, located at Serangoon MRT, with my¬†colleague for lunch. Chose the food republic at B2 since yesterday we already had something quite nice and filling. But euk. Wrong choice of food. Even though it doesn’t look appetizing, I still went ahead with it because it’s supposed to be the PRAWN MEE CRAZE! And even while waiting… I don’t have a good feeling…

As I stared at the person cooking the noodle… firstly, there’s hardly any nice smell even when I’m standing quite near the stall. Secondly, the chopped chillis are the big big kind, and chopped into BIG pieces. Alas… how to eat? And third, the prawns are still shelled and pathetically small!

Okay, that’s the first impression, ignoring the fact that it cost me $5.00, I’m already quite sure it’s not worth it. Hmm… but nonetheless… I’ll still eat no matter what.

First taste of the soup – mostly pepper taste only. Put some chillis in and… – not much spicy taste, still only tasted the peppery taste. Took the shell out of that small prawn and tada! The prawn is even smaller! -.-”’

Sigh… I finished the whole meal within 20 minutes with almost zero satisfaction, except that my stomach is filled. No. I won’t ever try it again. Not even the rest of the food in that stall.

Please don’t eat it there…

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