Blog #0202

Dear diary,

Today doesn’t seem like a good day…

(1) I was helping a lady to change the data source of a pivot table of her excel file. But after that I realized that the range is definitely enough and so I went to refresh the table and tada! The values changed. But at this moment, the total amount doesn’t tally and she kept insisting that I changed something which caused the values to be corrupted. There were 4 of us, and 3 of us, including me, repeated that all I did was to refresh it. Dear diary, why does people like to insist that they are correct when its not true? Somehow it made me start to wonder why I’m helping in the first place.

(2) Another lady came to ask for help and demanded a list of projects under X. I told her she could just filter it on her own in the system (not the first time she’s asking for it). She stared at me blankly and so I showed the steps to her. Then once done (not the exporting of data yet), she just said, “oh yes, that’s the file I need, could you click on that button and send it to me.”. I went speechless. Is she in IT? Is it that difficult to repeat those steps? It’s just a simple filter function with a simple export function. Or maybe it’s just too simple for her.

(3) An email came from a PM, asking me to change the approver. I thought, hasn’t that guy told you about it yesterday since I explained whats the problem to him? Shortly after, another email came from that guy, asking me to do the same thing. Are these people actually listening to me? Suddenly, I felt so transparent, or maybe I dreamt that I explained to him yesterday.

(4) Then a message came from a DBA asking me for help. I went over and to my amazement, he’s asking on a script, that wasn’t provided by me, and a request, that wasn’t raised by me, but somehow that email was cc-ed to me. One glance, and both of us knew that there’s only one problem with the script, it’s going to be rather tedious to change it. And you know what he did? He just stared at me and asked me how? He, apparently, just don’t want to change it.

(5) Imagine you write a program from scratch, and it works. But when you save the previous version, amended it until it’s exactly the same and it failed. That’s how the system that I’m using works. So smart isn’t it?

I’m so glad I’m off work now.

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