Thoughts – Last Day of 2011

Today is the last day of 2011, and in just a few minutes, it will be another year. I’m currently lying cozily on my King size bed, watching a really funny Korean drama with my new hubby (not that I have any hubs before that).

But part of my brain, I’m reflecting on the things that I’d done this year…

2011, by far, should I say, is one of the years where I experienced the most changes, with lots of UPs and DOWNs, in the years that I’d lived. Don’t really know how to break down, so probably I’ll just try with the months.

January – Still feeling really depressed because of quite a lot of reasons and all I did was to decorate the corridors and tried to move on.

February – Somehow, on one hand, I simply just gave up on fighting against my wishes, and on the other, things got worse. But then, a meeting with Joey probably enlightened and knocked me out of my sense for quite a bit and I really tried to move on. Found a job thanks to a dear friend.

March – The job sucks. My life sucks but I knew I can’t give up. Wanted to just concentrate on my own life.

April – Something seems missing. Both things actually.

May – Things are definitely wrong. I’m damn upset. I knew I need to make a decision now and there’s no time for waiting. That’s where I set my mind and went ahead with it.

June – I’m getting married. I’m going to have a house soon. Some parts of me will be gone but there’s nothing that I can do. Not in this life. But one thing for sure – I know I will not regret. And I will make sure my life will be better. By the way, work sucks.

July – No time for any other things other than pre-renovation work. Got really fed up with my work, and thus went all out to search for a new job.

August – Renovation started and every weekend were burnt. Frustration came but was able to manage it, thankfully. Found a new job which I quite like it. Numbed by now, for any other things. Had already accepted the fact.

September – Renovation is killing the both of us but I’m glad we started it early. Though I still will brood over it at times, I do really felt quite numbed for most days. Furthermore, I’ve got other plans.

October – Ended the renovation. Starting the preparation of wedding soon. Same goes for my plans…

November – Things changed, as per expected…

December – I’m married and I’m finally staying in my own house. Amazing. I didn’t know I dare to come that far but now that I’m here, it felt the same. And I don’t care about November anymore because my life is about to change and it will get even better! *all smiles*

That’s how my life changed, in 2011. So what have I learned?

Sometimes, there are things which you simply can’t change because you don’t have that power. Sometimes, it really takes two to change and also to make things work. And of course, a lot of things can always be viewed from different angles. It’s just a matter of how you intend to manage, handle and live with it. In short, make a decision and be happy about it. Put your heart into it and nothing will go wrong.

The hub beside me? Well, he’s not handsome, is lazy, messy and dirty but he loves me, is willing to take care of me and be with me for the rest of his life. Maybe, that’s all it matters.

Tomorrow is our anniversary. We tried cooking for the first time, other than instant noodles, without any recipes. It turned out really bad. Instead of creamy pasta, it seems more like not-so-cooked pasta in milk. But you know what? He finished it all (his share) and said that he had to be supportive. So cute, isn’t it? And then after that, he cooked a bowl of instant noodles for me. That’s probably one of the nicest meal I’d had this year, of course, there’s another one more which I won’t forgot, and I hope HE won’t too. No matter what, there will always be a place for him in my heart.

*Fireworks seen from our room…*

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