Blog #0196

It’s another new week with totally no mood to work! Of course I hadn’t got any mood to work. No… I’m not at all excited, if that’s what you are asking. It’s just that, since it’s a damn short week, I’m already in a holiday mood! And of course the mood to finish whatever that I need to – especially the 2 montages.

Oh yes, I never do anything much since the morning, other than going through (again) the seating arrangement and itinerary. Well, let’s just pray nothing big goes wrong on the actual day.

Shopping – Serta @ Plaza Singapura

The mattress that cost us a BOMB… Alright, it’s partly my “fault” for wanting that but nonetheless, I DID give in on a lot of other decisions!

Today, we need to “An Chuang”, a Chinese tradition (again) to so-called “Make the Bed”, so that the couple can prepare for the wedding. And from now till the wedding day itself, the couple is not supposed to sleep on this bed.

Oh yes… the bed was already delivered somewhere in October but till now, we haven’t got the chance to sleep on it, thanks to all these traditions. Yes, we could have ignore and don’t follow, but it’s quite difficult when the elders are still around. And so, we did a really extremely simple one, which is just to put the bedsheet on it.

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Blog #0195

It’s my fault… I know… I shouldn’t have taken my dinner so late, at almost 9pm. And then after that to only force myself to eat some food that’s totally so difficult to digest.

I’ll take note of that. But nonetheless, I do felt a lot better after throwing everything out, including the acid. *grin*

Movie – The Muppets

Oh Muppets! Muppets! Muppets! But who are the Muppets?

Oh no no, it’s not really MY generation. I think it’s for those that are a few years older than me because I don’t remember having a really deep impression of this whole gang other than Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy.

Anyway, was feeling bored and thus wanted to do something other than related to the wedding. And so, we got my sister and her friend to watch it. Not that we are dying to watch, but there just isn’t much worthy movies around this week.

Well… erm… okay… it’s basically about this “kid” who feels that he’s different (of course because he looks exactly like a Muppet!) because he don’t seem to grow until one day, when he was being introduced to Muppets. That’s where he grew to like the Muppets so much. He has an elder brother (real person) who does everything with him since young. So one day, when they grew up, his brother wanted to go LA to celebrate his anniversary with his fiancee. And since they always do things together, he brought him there too, and that’s where the Muppets studio is!

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Food – Katong Laksa @ Queensway Shopping Centre

It’s LUNCH TIME! Oh no, it’s definitely not. It’s actually TEA BREAK TIME!

Well, we were hanging around Anchorpoint Shopping Centre and suddenly remembered that there’s this McDonald’s promotion – one for one filet-o-fish. And so we decided to cross the road and pop over to Queensway Shopping Centre. But after we enter it… another food simply just caught our (or it seems more like just mine) attention! – The KATONG LAKSA!

Not a really big bowl, but definitely enough for me. Eaten with only a spoon since the bee hoon had been cut into short pieces. The sauce tasted just nice (not too salty nor plain, not extremely spicy too especially for those who can’t take too spicy-a-food) and the prawns were really fresh. Just by looking at it can make me drooooool!

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Blog #0193

Another Friday.

Bits and pieces of thoughts.

Hungry but bloated.

Eat or not to eat?

Drinking honey now.

Milk? Or Milo?

Eyes closing.

Brain shutting down.

Stare blankly at computer.

Listening to Christmas carols.

Missed my Bebe.

Missed my bed.

What needs to be done this weekend?

3 more invitations yet to give out. How?

One more week to go.


Blog #0191

Am I imagining things or have the timeline been shifted earlier?

Why do I feel a sense of weird feeling as the food drops slowly down into my stomach. No… it’s not good… the timeline cannot be shifted. I NEED FOOD. Otherwise my mood will turn really bad and I’ll flare up…

Damn it. Naughty mimi!

Thoughts – Wedding Woes

I guess almost everyone who held a wedding lunch/dinner, or is intending to, will more or less have this problem. And yes, I have lots. I really mean LOTS – just on the sitting arrangement itself.

Interesting? Oh yes, it “sure” is and I didn’t know about it until now, or, recently, to be more precise.

So come, let’s take a look at the things that’s causing and giving me the headaches and frustrations. And beware, this post is going to be a bit long.

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