Blog #0231

If I could down a glass of ice cold sake now, I would already have, for the fear of my privacy being invaded will be coming real soon. It probably wouldn’t be as bad if I have a slightly more understanding hub instead of a brainless and biased one. Just another small request of closing […]

Blog #0230

Yippee! I DID IT AGAIN! And it’s such a BEAUTIFUL DAY! Spent almost one whole day trying to figure out how to get that extra report done, some more without much human intervention. I think those people should thank me for this work done, such that they won’t have this extra burden. Well, it’s good […]

Blog #0229

I saw his message only now. Sent last night at around midnight. He said he’s tired. Sometimes, I really do pity him. She seems to expect so much of him at times. Maybe I didn’t get to see the overall picture but from where I’m standing now, he did his best. Men and women, like […]

Blog #0228

It’s a Monday but it’s not as blue as the rest of the other Mondays. Why? Because I’m working from home! Well, that’s the good part. The bad part? I’m having quite a bad headache… and thus the arrangement. I would have taken an MC straight in the morning if not for the weekly report […]

Blog #0227

It’s SUNDAY! And another freaking busy day! It’s already almost noon so what have I done this morning? Let’s see… Woke up at about 8am+ and prepared a healthy breakfast for myself which included a cup of warm milk, and a wholemeal bread with margarine, a piece of cheese and some pork floss. *Yum Yum* […]

Blog #0226

I saw you again, waving at me and wiggling around inside happily. You are so obedient, and did what you are told, but it’s just that the doctor couldn’t confirm. Nonetheless, I do believe that it’s 70% accurate. Even your grandpa dreamt of you! I’m weighing at 47.5kg now, still the same as 1.5 months […]

Blog #0225

Was that just my digestion system or was it my baby moving when I took that few mouthfuls of vanilla ice-cream? O.O That’s what I read, a few days ago, about the baby moving if the mum ate something cold or when the mum is not moving. And that the baby most likely will be […]

Blog #0224

It’s not really intentional that I don’t want to work or had not done much yet. But firstly, I’m still dazed in my CNY holiday mood. Secondly, my boss isn’t around and thus I don’t need to fake it. And lastly, I really had too many a “thing to do” on my plate for both […]

Blog #0218

I think I need a plan, a 4-year plan. Is that too long? Hmm… Am thinking about the Contiki that my sister mentioned previously. Yes, I haven’t got the time to plan for my honeymoon yet. And the place that I want to visit? Europe. So if I were to really go for that venue, […]