Blog #0210

My impression had been totally re-aligned. It felt so easy to just point a finger at others and presume that you are one of the victims. Bravo.

Nonetheless. I admit it’s my mistake to assume that whatever you do is correct and never question much about it.

But that’s as much as my trust will go for you. For now, I won’t treat you the same, ever. The trust bridge that you’d built over the past months is now broken and I shall go everything by the book. And I’m not going to let you look good. It’s not difficult. It just needed a little bit more effort which you ain’t willing to put in. And a little responsibility which you ain’t willing to shoulder. I will surpassed you. If that you what you want.

I’m so looking forward to it. I’ve not had this kind of challenge for quite a while. You, just triggered that part of me.

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