Thoughts – Friday, the 13th

The first 13th on a Friday in 2012. Ouch.


I wished I wasn’t but somehow, something not so good always seem to appear especially on this day, for me.

Yesterday was relatively peaceful at work. I was hoping for something similar. It was good initially. I stepped into the office and there wasn’t any phone calls. Did a brief check and I’m quite sure there won’t be any phone calls. And so I proceed to check my emails. Solutions!


I followed the steps and TADA! The problem was not solved but I had at least 3 more other problems! Thanks to the support team of the stupid system.

*Cool down*

That was the start of my day… and the next… I realised my constipation started.

Have you ever experience a really bad day out of nowhere on Friday the 13th?

A search on the internet and a list of related articles popped out. I read through and realised that it’s due to the fact that number 13 is unlucky, and so is Friday. Thus, when combined together… it’s an extremely unlucky day.

Do you believe in that? I probably watched too much movies and thus the idea. Otherwise, it probably won’t bother be at all.

Anyway, Friday and number 13. All bad luck. So let’s all go home early today!

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