Thoughts – Doing Housework Together

The two of us sat down in front of the washing machine, just like two idiots, starring at the washing machine and the two blankets that turned and stopped every minute. One question after another but with no answers at all. And the worst thing is, both seems to be quite amaze at how a washing machine works!

Funny? Yes, after the whole thing was over and when you think about it. It’s funny.

The 2 person that hardly did any housework before – one, leisurely; the other, probably not at all.

It’s the first time that we played with our new washing machine, proudly “donated” by my beloved and favourite cousin, ever since we moved in after our wedding in December.

It sure was a memorable experience…

Excitedly, both of us threw the 2 blankets into the washing machine, and poured half a cap of liquid detergent. Didn’t really want to put at where it was mentioned as we were too lazy to wash that area up after that. Then questions started to arise… what kind of material is that? In the end, we put it under the “WOOL”, which will take 50 minutes to wash it up.

But after 2 minutes of washing, which supposedly is the filling up of the water, we realised that we didn’t open the tap. And so quickly, that’s what we did. Then we waited and finally it started to turn one round… and stopped for one minute after that. First thing that cross both our minds – will it be clean? Second question – it doesn’t seem like all parts of the blankets are washed!

So… that 2 questions repeated for almost 50 minutes, with more amazement at intervals, especially when the water is being pumped in to clean the detergents off, and definitely the part where it spinned so fast till the blankets became so dry!

Well, I supposed all these only happens at the start of “living together”. After all, I doubt after years of staying together, such things will still happen. Nonetheless, even if years had gone by and all the “freshness” seems to be gone, it’s always good to have some other things to bring a couple together. But of course, that thing should be agreeable by both parties.

Married life seems boring (till now) but at certain times, it seems quite fun too. Wrong. It don’t have to be married life. So long as both are staying together alone, that should make the difference.

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