Thoughts – Milk? Or Milo?

Dedicated to my beloved Milk or Milo…

I’m finally writing and posting this blog, due to the Chinese taboo of “not letting anybody (or much people) know only until after 3 months”.

Already made your guess? It’s not too difficult, really…

I’m pregnant ^^. Surprise? *LOL* No, you shouldn’t be because I’m always fond of kids, especially my own.¬†According to the last visit that I had with my gynae, Mr Ching Kwok Choy, located at Mount Alvernia, the EDD is somewhere in July 2012. For the exact, I’m not too sure because it seems to be changing for every visit. But anyway, according to the size of my baby to-date, I’m around¬†3 months pregnant. Thanks to my normally-delayed and irregular menses… I can’t really pin-point the exact date I conceived.

But anyway, I am really happy that I’m pregnant and I sure hope that the baby is healthy and fine, and the baby’s daddy is definitely hoping for that too. ^^

First reaction? Well… maybe it’s an instinct. Somehow I suspected that I might be pregnant but didn’t really dare to check it out until one fine day where I plucked up my courage to go and buy the test kit from the pharmacy. I was trembling. Nervous to find out about the outcome. On one hand, I do hope that I’m pregnant but on the other… well… things will probably become a little complicated especially if I don’t handle it well.

And yes, I found out and it showed “POSITIVE”. I took a picture of it, as a momento. And then I went for my facial appointment where I was grinning for the whole treatment because I kept thinking how I should break the news to my husband-to-be (At that point. Okay, it’s quite obvious that I got pregnant before I got married but who cares!).

His reaction? Funny. See below conversation:

Me: You sure you don’t want to eat a bit?
Him: No, I’m sleeping already. Goodnight. (and walked into his room)
Me: Wait, come here a while. I want to tell you something.
Him: What?
Me: (stared at him) I’m pregnant. (and continued eating)
Him: Huh? Serious ah? You serious or you joking?
Me never replied, only giggled.
Him: Hey, really ah? (paused for a while, and look at me) You joking right? You are joking. (and walked into his room)
Me continued to eat.
Him: (walked out into the kitchen again) No le, you can’t be joking on this. Serious? You don’t joke on this le, I’ll get angry one!
Me never replied, only giggled more.
Him: (walked into the room and immediately back again) Okay… I don’t think you will joke about this. Really ah! OMG! Then I confirm need to change car! Shit.
Me: *LOL*

That’s about how his reactions are on that night. And for the rest of the night… he just bothered me with questions after questions, and decisions after decisions until I shut him up. -.-”’

Now… Thank God, everything seems fine till date. And that the baby seems healthy. I heard the baby’s heartbeat in one of my visits. Can’t imagine that happiness. I’m keeping this baby…

And our first visit to the gynae was rather funny too.

Nurse: Are you married?
Me: No.
Nurse: (stares at me) Are you keeping the baby?
Me: Oh yes… *smile*
Nurse: (smile) Can the husband fills in his details (stares at my boyfriend)
Him: Huh? I’m her husband meh?
Nurse: Huh? No ah? I’m sorry sorry…
Him: Ah… joking joking… I’ll fill in.
Me: -.-”’

Gynae: How old are you?
Me: 31
Gynae: Are you married?
Me: No.
Gynae: (looks up and stares at me) Why didn’t you use contraception?
Me: (dumbfounded) Erm… just never use lo… (inside my head… when did I really use it…?)
Gynae: (looks rather pissed) Go in and lie down on the bed.
Me walks in…
Him: Eh… actually this is not an accident… we getting married soon…
Gynae: (looks up) Hmm…
After that… the gynae looks A LOT happier…

Well… what can I say… My gynae seems like those traditional fathery gynae. But so far… I think I quite like him and probably will stick to him throughout. That’s more or less my experience with my gynae.

As for the rest. Well… I’m freaking tired almost everyday no matter how much I sleep. And freaking hungry too. For the last 3 months, it was slightly bad because once it’s after 7pm, I’ve got totally no appetite anymore even if I’m hungry. And if I were to force myself to eat, I’ll puke. What’s worse? I couldn’t eat all my favourite food – spicy, fried and fish, because once I ate them, I’ll puke.

Thankfully, with the second trimester coming in, suddenly I felt a lot better, at least, for the appettie. Though I still can’t eat much after 7pm, it’s better than none at all.

For one, my tummy’s definitely getting bigger and I’m growing out of (A LOT) my clothes too. But to my amazement, as I separate out those that I still can wear… hmm… it still seems like one wardrobe door full! Didn’t realise I had that many clothes. But it’s a good thing. I don’t really have to spend much money on clothes anymore since I still have such a wide collection.

Life’s good, though tiring. And I’m definitely happy. Even my hub thinks I’m crazy, so liking to the idea of being pregnant. But it really does feels good… to see that little thing swimming inside you. I hope I can feel him/her soon. For now, I guess I’ll just have to wait for the next appointment that’s coming in another 1.5 weeks. Can’t wait! And hopefully at that time, I’ll get to know if it’s Milk or Milo!

It really is a happy thing, you know? And happier when you know you can keep it, with totally no obstructions and only well wishes. He/She will surely be a happy baby! ^^

So if you ever had one, remember to treasure them… they are your precious… God’s sent

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