Blog #0217

At last… I felt some peace… Hadn’t felt that for a long time. It definitely feels good to not have any urgent issues in your basket. Yes, I CLEARED the reports and the system *fingers crossed* had been rather obedient for the past few days! Now, it’s only to pray that things will continue to proceed in this manner. After all, if it did not… I doubt I can fulfill any one of my resolutions, which as of today, after 2 full weeks had passed, I hadn’t done anything… yet…


Yes, I know, I can’t be like that. I mean, if I don’t have the time to correct it now, I doubt I would have it in the future. Sigh… wished so much that there’s more than 24 hours a day, but still work only 8 hours of course.

Maybe I’ll try listing out all the TO-Dos tonight, if I still have the energy, and then try striking them off! Try, the word is TRY… that’s what one of my dear friend would always say.

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